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Together, we will build a healthy life one choice at a time.

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Create the new you with our NEW virtual program!

reshapecare™ is an effective, convenient virtual health coaching program that uses video-based counseling with board certified health coaches. It works in partnership with your doctor, to help you set and achieve your health and wellness goals.

If you’re serious about losing weight by making behavior changes you can live with, this practical and easy-to-use virtual program is for you!

Focusing on the four dimensions leads to successful behavior change.


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& fun app!
• 1200+ Resources at Your Fingertips
• Personalized Lessons and Teaching
• Personal Board-Certified Coaches
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content rich!
• No Counting Calories or Points
• Automatic Progress Tracking
• No judgement, only encouragement
reshapecare TV
• Live Interactive Classes
• Community Engagement
• Cooking & Exercise Classes
• Group Support and Coaching

Why Virtual Health Coaching?

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In your pajamas, in your gym clothes after a sweat session, or on your couch without needing to get a babysitter—reshapecare is available to you from the comfort of your home. There’s no commuting, no waiting, and no wasted time. Just real-time support when you need it.

Use the telemedicine app on any device you prefer to get the boost of help you need from our board-certified coaches.

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Flexible structure and support from a live-board certified health coach
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Innovative, easy-to-use content-rich app
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Credible, physician-prescribed program
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Typically covered by insurance

Engagement and community is the key to success!


stay connected for 30 days!

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stay connected for the entire year!

People who use virtual health coaching stay more engaged
and are motivated to lose more weight and enhance their wellness.1
1For programs that strive for 6-12 months of engagement. Monthly Active User (MAU) Month 1: 94%. MAU Month 6: 79%. MAU Month 12: 69%.