ReShape Your Mind.
ReShape Your Body.
ReShape Your Life.

Together, we will build a healthy life one choice at a time.


Achieve a healthy weight with our NEW virtual program! If you’re serious about losing weight by making behavior changes you can live with, this practical and easy-to-use virtual program is for you!

Based on the proven four dimensions of successful behavior change – sleep, stress, exercise, and nutrition
Flexible structure and support from a live certified coach
Innovative, content-rich app
Typically covered by insurance
RH Connection

It ReShapes your life through better sleep,
exercise, nutrition & stress management.

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Board-Certified Coaches

You get paired with a ReShapeCare certified health coach who will be with you every step of the way based upon your communication preferences. Whether it's daily text messaging or live phone or video calls, you don’t have to do this alone.

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Our web and mobile app make it easy to increase your positive actions and awareness. Get daily educational content, personalized exercise and nutrition plans, progress reports, social support from peers, and more.

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Patients can connect their own devices to automatically track sleep, stress, and weight data. This real-time health data can be used to optimize your program to get the best possible results.

*Compatible with FitBit, Apple Health, Google Fit, Samsung Health, and Withings devices
Why ReShapeCare patients are successful:
Easy-to-follow and enjoy: 
no counting calories or points
Eliminates Cost Barriers: 
26 sessions covered by most insurances
No Judgement: 
sessions based on your needs not your coach's agenda

Success on a different scale.

Accountability & Goal Setting

ReShapeCare will help you create your health and wellness goals and turn them into reality. Goals are tracked in the app to see your progress. Connect your device to enhance accountability and receive encouragement along the way.

Sleep & Stress

Stress impacts your overall health and ReShapeCare helps you decompress using scientifically-proven relaxation techniques. Optimizing your sleep may have a significant, positive impact on your hormones, health, and weight. Tracking your sleep through the app allows your certified health coach to provide tips and insights to reform your sleeping patterns.


ReShapeCare provides personalized lessons teaching you the science behind the healthy habits you’re building to meet your goals. Understanding the why behind the behavior change can often ReShape your motivation helping you to achieve lasting success!


A nutrition plan is provided according to your medical history, lifestyle, and wellness plan. Staying accountable is easy. Log your meals by snapping a picture of your meal in the app.


After getting physician clearance to participate in exercise, you will receive an at-home exercise plan based on your ability. Activity is broken down into small increments making it easy and achievable to do on your schedule.

Automatic Progress Tracking

Take control of your health by logging all of your lessons, exercise, nutrition, sleep, and stress levels.